(Formally) Launching Oei!

Today, we are officially launching Oei!, a video aggregator site that aims to bring together local content producers, artists and influencers.

Oei! is a human-powered entertainment guide that provides a local view of the top quality videos and content created in Singapore. We simplify the process of finding and viewing good quality content by adding a human touch. With a team of web editors curating and filtering content, Oei! offers visitors quality, relevance and simplicity in finding the best local content, everytime.

With sites like Youtube, the user is effectively made into a star and in which content is democratized. However, we believe that with the abundance of content, the ecosystem for the independent producer is broken. Getting discovered and building an audience are all much harder than they used to be.

Our our goal is to provide a venue where talented local content producers / artists / musicians can shine. Please do me a favor and check out Oei!. I hope you like what we’re doing, share your feedback on using the site and help spread the word!

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