On European pricing

Spent a night in Phuket trying to get some last minute shopping done – Like most Singaporeans, it boiled down to haggling for the best deal. Only until the shopkeeper delivered his pitch.

“$380 Bhat very cheap already! I give you Asian price. European price at least $780 Bhat.”

I’m sold.

But this got me thinking about the viability of being upfront about pricing for professional services and B2B companies. According to Jakob Nielsen’s B2B usability guide:

The most user-hostile element of most B2B sites is a complete lack of pricing information. And yet, when we asked users to prioritize which of 28 types of B2B site information mattered most to them, prices scored the highest by far (29% higher than product availability, which ranked second).

If the role of your website is to provide a sufficient enough sales pitch for users to express interest; pricing, or rather a price indicator is clearly important – If you’re not a low cost carrier, this gives you the opportunity to differentiate the your offering, maximize your brand value proposition and serves as a sign of confidence for both the brand and product.

Plus, users will appreciate the honesty.

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