The Beginners Guide to Onsite SEO

This guide is aimed at anyone interested in Search Optimisation, Social Media and Inbound Marketing. Whether you are completely new to Digital Marketing or a seasoned practitioner, this guide will provide you with a wealth of knowledge that covers the entire optimisation spectrum.

Controlling Internal Link Juice

Controlling Internal Link Juice is an important SEO tactic. Link Juice is the amount of ranking juice passed by a link from one web page to another. It is important to control the flow of link juice throughout your site, so that it is spread evenly throughout. This will give the best chance for all of your pages to rank, which in turn helps in the targeting of the long tail keywords and elevates your overall domain rank. You also want to make sure that you are not passing link juice to pages that would serve no purpose in the rankings, such as ‘contact’ pages. You can do this by the use of NoFollow Tags, Robots Tags and Robots.txt and Google Parameter Blocking

Optimise your Meta Tags and Meta Data

Meta Tags and Meta Data are some of the first on-page indicators looked at by the Search Engines, which use them to help identify the content and relevancy of the webpage. Their relevancy to SEO has diminished significantly in the past five years, but they are still a very good starting point for any optimization strategy. If your Meta Data is relevant to a Google search request, your website will be ranked in the search results pages. Where it is ranked depends on your link metrics, social media metrics and brand exposure across the web, as well as the many other factors that are discussed in this guide. Be warned, Meta Tags are often subject to extremely Spammy activity. Avoid spam at all costs.

Optimise your alt attributes and noscripts

IThe Alt Attribute was initially designed to help the visually impaired understand the content of an image. Search Engine Spiders read the contents of the Alt Attribute, hoping to learn more about the image and the page that it is on. Make sure that the content of the Alt Attribute accurately describes the image, and avoid putting keywords in there that are not related to the image itself. The NoScriptworks on a similar premise to the Alt Attribute. It should be used to describe the content of a video or Flash animation. Again, make it relevant and non-spammy.

Optimise your anchor text

Anchor Text is the text used in a hyperlink. Every hyperlink that you see on this page as anchor text. It describes the page that a link links to, and is an important ranking factor in SEO and inbound marketing. When a search engine spider is trying to understand the content of a web page, it will often look at the anchor text of all incoming links for clues. It is, therefore, a key ranking factor. Make sure that all of your internal hyperlinks are optimized to be accurate descriptions of the web pages that they are linking to. The same applies to any incoming links- see if you can’t request that they are relevant, unique and specific. Don’t over-optimize all of your anchor text, as this can be seen as a sign of spam.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content is a major problem in the world of inbound marketing and SEO. A website is only as good as its content. For content to be truly great, it must be unique. It cannot be unique if there are multiple copies of it across the web. This confuses the search engines, as they see multiple versions of the same content, and must decide which ones to rank and which ones to remove from the results pages.

Duplicate Content is one of the biggest problems facing any web publisher and must be identified and rectified. Useful tools for removing duplicate content are the 301-Redirect, Rel=Canonical Tag, Robots NoIndex, Rel=Prev/ Rel=Next Function, the Syndication/ Source Tag and Google Parameter BlockingBetween these nifty techniques, you should be able to do away with any duplicate content issues. It is worth paying particular attention Duplicate URL Issues.

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