On storytelling

We often tell stories about the myths that create the artists we love. This is simply because not everything in life is all about utilitarianism (e.g. your house or car). We have special relationships with the stories we tell and the things we own, but most particularly with art.

By defining what makes your company unique you will be able to translate this difference into an effective marketing strategy. Once you truly understand how you are different than your competition much of this arduous task will become simpler and more enjoyable. If you do a great job of articulating who you are and why a customer would want to choose you over another brand in certain situations, then others will want to hear these myths too!

If people like buying your product, it’s because you fill in the narrative gaps in their lives. Everyone needs a good story to live by so that they can make sense of things.

Basically put, people buy products to help them complete or replace narratives that are missing from their own lives by telling themselves better comeback stories at certain points in time or less problematic ones.

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