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Hello! I am Myron Tay, a freelance digital marketing specialist, Certified Management Consultant and ACLP Certified Trainer specialising in sme grants application for Branding and Digital Marketing in Singapore with over 15 years of experience working with MNCs, startups, small businesses and individuals to achieve their digital marketing goals.

Do you feel that your business isn’t growing as fast as you would like? Or maybe you’re a complete newbie at all of the digital marketing stuff. I can help! Businesses and individuals are not so different when it comes down to things like website design, search engine optimisation, social media, content marketing, link building, email marketing and other forms of digital marketing. There are many important parts to running an online business or a website and it's more than what just Google Analytics or Google Adwords can give you. That's where I come in! I have helped a wide range of clients achieve their digital marketing objectives - From SEO Copywriting, Social Media marketing on Facebook to LinkedIn, Google Adwords, Programmatic Ads and everything in between, I am here for all-round digital advice.
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