Digital Marketing is better for everyone

A lot of people think the internet is a ‘below-the-line’ marketing channel. But I see the digital space as more of a market than a marketing channel. Companies can learn a lot from consumers in this market – whether or not they’re selling online. And they can and should use this information across all aspects of their marketing.

We recently reviewed a client’s web traffic data and realised that despite all the options on the homepage, users were predominantly using the search tool to get product information. This wasn’t the original strategy for the site… or the intention of the search function.

We also learnt which products were in hot demand. When there are 10,000 searches for a particular product every month, then it’s a good idea to feature that product in the print catalogue. If another product is the hot topic for a single month, then that information should feed into the seasonal advertising.

Customers are constantly telling us what they want through their behaviour online. The ability to track and measure this has been touted as one of the greatest benefits of the internet, but how far has this learning really gone?

We think all marketers should be using their clients’ web sites to really listen to customers. We think it’s a smart way to deliver results on the line that matters most – the bottom line.

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