How to Drive Engagement on Your Page

Your Facebook fans do not want to see your sales pitch in their Newsfeeds. So what do your fans want to see? What type of content will they (gasp!) value and willingly engage with? Facebook breaks down posts by these three types of content– and shares which one drives the most engagement.

Posts about the Product or Service

Posts about the product or service are definitely the most common type of post Facebook users see– and this isn’t necessarily a good thing. When posting directly about a product or service, don’t be too pushy like a used car salesman. Want your fans to really love you? Make them feel as if they’re part of an exclusive community by offering a fan-only deal when posting about products or services.

Post unrelated to the Brand

Posts unrelated to a brand are a great way to take a break from ‘marketing’ and actually relate to your fans and customers on a personal level– humanizing your brand. This can be by posting about everything from current events in the world to even life in general. As a fan of many brand pages, I love seeing posts like this in my Newsfeed. Too many unrelated posts isn’t a good thing– but a personable, relatable one every so often is definitely recommended!

Posts related to the Brand

Posts related to a brand are the winner of these three types according to Facebook– which should come at no surprise. Sadly, most pages aren’t actually making too many posts related to their brand. The brand pages that are doing this are reaping the benefits though as they continue to consistently accumulate fans. Some of these pages include Coca-Cola, Ben & Jerry’s, and Starbucks. Think about what your brand offers and talk to your fans about related topics. If you’re a clothing company you might ask your fans what celebrities they think have the best styles. If you’re an airline company you might want to post about popular vacation destinations.

What type of posts have you been making lately?

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