Drive Forward Branding

Forward is a new player in car rental in Singapore. Its mission is to make car ownership a seamless process in Singapore.

We were asked to design a comprehensive branding guideline and UI/UX that will help them realize their vision to disrupt the car rental sector in Singapore.

We worked closely with the Forward product team, hosting them in our Singapore studio, and onboarding new members as they joined until the time came that the team was ready to take the reins themselves. Our consulting service includes not only design but also relook at their entire business process. Success for us was not just designing a best-in-class product, but ensuring the business had the capability and systems in place to continue to evolve it over time.

Together, we worked to develop the full customer experience, translating the car rental process seamlessly – from their customer onboarding process, integrating a CRM system, live chat and we are currently working on integrating a Chatboard and Whatsapp chat module to satisfy the different consumer needs.

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