Fear Not

The most commonly repeated phrase in the Bible is “fear not”. And I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.

It seems like the Bible is telling us more than a hundred times to not let fear rule our lives – but what do we do?

We tend to give in to fear. Whether it’s feeling anxious about the stock market or someone rejecting us, fear can have a negative influence on our lives if we’re not careful.

So, I think “fear not” is some of the best advice we can receive – especially when it comes to business.

What’s the solution then?

Building faith – in whichever form that may take for you.

If faith in a religious sense works for you, great. I’m not here to push any religion on anyone, we’re all old enough to make our own decisions.

But faith doesn’t just have to be of the religious variety. Faith in yourself is crucial.

Believing in your abilities can get you through some tough times. Trusting that things won’t be bad forever is also a form of faith.

All of these different types of faith allow you to move forward confidently towards your goals, dreams, and deepest desires.

Something to think about for sure.

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