Following up on a sales lead

As you know that we provide online leads to our clients who have a local business that targets the local market looking for our client’s services or products. What we found out from our clients is that they do not have a set of procedures that will help them once they have a hot or warm lead who is interested in what they are offering.
Most of the SMEs, especially the small enterprise is usually the owners doing the follow-ups or picking the calls, and not their salespeople. Maybe the owners feel that their staffs are not motivating enough, or that the business does not have a commission system for the sales staffs, this is up to the owner to decide. This set of procedures will help the local business and our clients increase in their sales.

The Follow Up Process

1) Greet and Ask Permission To Continue. Most salespeople in Singapore who make calls to their clients, do not greet and ask to continue. You see, the one who is calling is interrupting the one who is picking up the call. If the receiver does not have time to listen to what you are pitching, then the caller will be angry if you continue.

2) Set Appointment Only, Not Close The Sale. A lot of salespeople make the huge mistake of wanting to close sales on the receiver. Even though they came to the business website, fill in their details and information to indicate their interest, does not mean that want to be close. The follow-up sales process via phone is to set appointments only, the chances of closing is higher if you meet the customer face to face.

3) Send Reminder To Confirmed Appointment Clients. We would recommend sending an email to the confirmed client, of the date, time, and venue of the appointment. This is to reassure them that we are reliable in what we do. A reminder SMS will be good on the date of appointment, it is good to send them 2 to 3 hours in advance SMS reminder.

4) Educate The Potential Clients. In order to educate clients about your business and your services or products, an email to remind them the date, time, and venue of the appointment is a MUST, so this gives you an opportunity to educate them or pre-sell them, by sending them a report on your business products or services. You would have gathered more information during the first conversation via phone, so you can send the relevant report to them, making it easy for you to close the sale at the appointment.

5) Follow-Ups After-Sale Closed. Most successful salespeople will do an after-sale follow-up with the clients who used their products or services. The most simple way is to call, this can be less than 5 minutes of talking. You can also ask them to give you feedback, a testimony, or even better referrals. You can even send them a postcard for festival holidays, like Christmas or New Year. It will be better if you can send a birthday card, making them remember you for a very long time.

Above are the 5 steps to do follow up from a lead to a sale, that will dramatically increase your sales for your business. Test it to find out if it works, if it works, do come back here to share in the comment below. If you find this article useful for your friends or love ones, you can share it with them on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Below are the social media buttons to help you share this article with them.

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