Why did we launch 狮城攻略?


狮城攻略 was a pet project created inhouse at Otaku a year ago, to create a Singapore-centric online publication for Chinese nationals to assimilate and live as Singaporeans over WeChat (scgl910); and a little over half a year back we launched the web version of the page. Today, we touch on more topics that are relevant not just to this group of people but for those who are more versed in our mother tongue. We’ve noticed that most content portals produced locally are in English and our aim is to provide *hopefully* the best mandarin resources on getting the most out of staying on this little red dot.


Since founding earlier this year, we had continued to add more features, notably a video aggregator, featuring the best of Singapore content; and also a jobs portal, focusing on Chinese language jobs in Singapore.


And we hope that in the future, our publication will continue to snugly fit in the community of Chinese and Chinese-speaking communities based here. It wasn’t meant to be a business. It was just a labor of love – we love the diversity that the Chinese community brings to Singapore, and we’re excited to be a part of it.

P.S. We’re always on the lookout for volunteer contributors, both native and imported, with diverse backgrounds and interests but two things in common: a deep love of Singapore and a wish to share it – Well, that and the fact that you need a good grasp of mandarin.

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