Secrets to creating a great user experience?

Usability and usefulness are the key measures of superior user experience. Where these are not delivered, the experience will not meet the needs of the consumer. These five pointers describe what will make an incredible user experience.

Navigability and Ease of Use

Most customers have a specific goal in mind when they interact with technology. That goal is often a question that needs to be answered, a task that needs to be performed, a product that needs to be purchased or a comparison that needs to be made. It’s only by having these goals in mind when approaching the User Experience that you can deliver a solution that is both useful and useable for the customer. Consumers become frustrated quickly with web sites that don’t meet their needs and with apps that are difficult to use. The only way of avoiding this frustration is through intelligent navigation which allows users to easily achieve their goals.


Customers get bored quickly of content on a web site or apps that does not do anything differently from a traditional analog process. If, for example, a web site only offers information about finance calculation, rather than providing the customer with the ability to compare finance rates, the experience is a disappointing one. The sites that deliver a good User Experience are those containing unique interactive services and innovations that take the pain out of traditional processes. The best User Experiences take quantum leaps in their approach and invent new applications that couldn’t have existed without new technology. It is this innovation that creates indispensability among customers.

Brand Integrity

Brand leaders refuse to make compromises, whether it’s a new product introduction, a speech to shareholders or the layout of a flagship store. This “no-compromise” approach frequently does not make it all the way through the technology the company uses to connect with its customers. Many brands fail to realize that a disappointing experience of the web site or apps will cause damage to the brand, while a positive experience will build equity.


Customers do not enjoy using web sites or apps that are slow and cumbersome. Nor do they enjoy using a service where they are not sure about the security or privacy of their data. Design and Infrastructure investments ensure the best performance, privacy and security. This provides reassurance to the customer, which in turn ensures that every transaction and engagement builds further confidence.


Too often the content and applications that a web site or app provides have little relevance to the company’s core products and services. As a result, consumers become confused and frustrated when they do not receive the content and services they expected.

One of the most important challenges in developing a successful User Experience is to avoid content distractions and to ensure relevance to the company’s core business and customer needs.

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