How To Increase Website Conversion With Live Chat

That little, unassuming box, usually found on the lower right hand corner of your website, holds a lot of potential when it comes to increasing your website conversions.

Yes, you have guessed it right. We are talking about Live Chats, an innovative technique of digital marketing that can almost double your conversions if done properly.

Though the option of Live Chat sits quietly at the bottom of the screen and often hides in plain sight, it means a great deal to your visitors and is a valuable tool for increasing conversions and generating warm leads. But why is live chat so important to your visitors?

you can easily increase your conversions by answering your customers’ questions in real time and helping them in their decision-making process

Well, quietly simply, it offers instant customer service. In the past, customers either had to go through long waiting times on the phone or send an email and then wait for hours or even days to get a response from the company. However, thanks to live chat, they can now get instant customer service with the click of a button.

And what does live chat have in store for you? To put it simply, you can easily increase your conversions by answering your customers’ questions in real time and helping them in their decision-making process. For example, if a customer has questions about your product or service, you can help them by answering their questions before they leave your website. Hence, it can mean the difference between a conversion and a bounce.

But does it always work? Well, no. If done poorly, research shows that it can actually reduce conversions. But if done properly, live chat almost doubles your conversions.

So, how do you do it properly? Here are some tips you can follow to implement live chat and get good results from it.

Answer quickly

Customers use live chat because of its convenience. Hence, you should answer their questions right when they ask. Waiting times longer than 15 seconds can cause frustration.

Be available 24/7

The live chat feature is of no use if it is offline. In fact, studies have shown that more than 50% of leads are generated after hours. And it makes sense. Your website is actually like your store or office and since it doesn’t close, neither should your live chat.

Give customized answers

Although live chat reps should have a list of FAQs ready for them to refer from, they should always customize those answers to avoid sounding too robotic. And if possible, they should avoid using templates at all and instead, give a totally personalized service.

Train your chat support team

This is one of the most important areas that businesses tend to ignore. You should train live chat representatives to speak the customer’s language. They should be able to identify the tone used by customers and be able to adapt to their tone without a problem. For example, if the customer sounds relaxed and less formal, the live chat rep should sound casual as well.

Use friendly greetings

Most live chat providers allow you to set triggers for greetings. For example, if the user is a first time visitor, the chat box will pop up with a friendly and proactive greeting. You can also set a different opening sentence for every greeting. By creating friendly greetings, therefore, you can make your visitors feel welcome.

By following these simple tips, you can easily increase your website conversion with live chat and make the most of it.

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