On founding Insurancejobs.sg

So we founded insurancejobs.sg, an insurance jobs portal for applicants and employers in the insurance industry in Singapore.

In today’s modern marketplace, job portals are a dime a dozen, from Jobstreet down to niche sites like intern.sg for internship opportunities, cultjobs for those looking for roles in the creative fields and 狮城工作网, a mandarin language jobs portal. These sites allow job seekers to search for jobs from a plethora of different fields, including languages and industries; and through all these sites you can find traces of agencies posting jobs for financial advisors.

We started with an idea, a concept perhaps that combines the already tried and tested art of search engine optimisation along with innovative ways for agencies to optimise their agency for success on the internet, resulting in a formula that not only generates interest in you as a business but also goes beyond it to help give your agency branding a more solid foundation so you can continue building your online presence without splurging on expensive recruiters and recruitment agencies to grow your business.

For example.

A quick search for “Insurance Jobs in Singapore” on Google should show up the best insurance agencies and your agency *should* be one of them.

The problem is with that process…what if an agency that isn’t very good shows up because they have a great SEO?

Thankfully, it doesn’t matter.

We’ve built the portal so people interested in joining the industry can go to check out any agencies listed. They will see not just a simple generic job description but your agency entries will be pegged with real photos of employees, recruitment videos on the agency culture, and a reviews section to find what people thinking about working with/at these companies.

The sad reality of most individual insurance agencies doesn’t bother investing in branding or marketing other than running ads for lead generation. Most of these websites are pretty generic, not ranked, and have next to no traffic – and probably none of these agencies are generating any leads or candidates from their website.

The idea behind creating insurancejobs.sg is so that the job seeker exploring being a financial advisor to learn about the insurance industry and find every piece of information necessary before selecting the right agency that suits them – This information includes the culture of the agency, career and salary prospects,  managers profiles – everything necessary for job seekers to find the right company and agency.

You can have a video introducing your office culture, an article about the achievements of the agency, or you can have a huge detailed page about what makes your agency different – and of course the career prospects and job postings available.

Why should you go to so much trouble compared to just leaving a job description similar to how every other jobs portal operates? Because we want people to have all the information they need to choose you. We’ll push your content to a variety of social media channels including TikTok, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Instagram in an attempt to reach your prospective candidates.

Dedicated Insurance Recruitment Campaign – Jakeyu Group, AIA Singapore

On our end, we focus on building original content, offering extended services including career coaching for financial advisors, referral marketing incentives for agents with clients that are looking to sell their endowment policies, recruitment videography, and other insurance marketing services, optimising our site for search, and social media marketing to drive both paid and organic traffic to our site.

Our goal is to become the best source of information for those looking to build a career as a financial advisor – and that makes sense. And we continue to invest in search engine optimisation, AdWords, and facebook ads to drive traffic whilst financial advisories can get onboarded for a low price of free!

Google Analytics Web Traffic Growth (insurancejobs.sg)

Why are we doing this? Well, the problem, as marketers we’ve grown into an industry of quick-fix salespeople.

“Pay now, get sales today”.

Except it’s not that easy…not anymore. The trick is to be discovered by search and be so valuable your consumers search for you directly.

Our goal is to build a job portal worth visiting that will become more valuable overtime; both as a portal and to financial advisories that are looking to grow; and to individuals that are contemplating joining the industry.

We believe that’s how you become searched for.

The internet is an untrustworthy place. Marketers have ruined it.

But, you create trust by supplying honest and plentiful information that helps people to make decisions through the elimination of risk.

We believe the future of marketing is this process. Building sites that are worth visiting and not sites that simply rank.

Yes, ranking is essential. We must show up. That’s how we get your foot in the door.

But if you want to be let into the house, you must have something of value.

And that value is information.

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