Launching sme365, customer referrals for just $1 a day

Before the rise of the Internet, it was highly unlikely that the average small business would advertise at all; at most investing only in the Yellow Pages, radio, or sponsoring the relevant trade magazines. Even in the first decade of the 21st century, only a small percentage of small businesses attempted search engine marketing. Many found that pay-per-click was too expensive or confusing.

Whereas today, we have plenty of low-cost options to get in front of thousands of people that wouldn’t have seen or heard about your business otherwise. Just a dollar a day to get in front of thousands of people – and if your competitors aren’t, you would have won, at least in awareness in your vertical. Bottom line is, if you don’t think you can spare a dollar to invest back to your business, you probably shouldn’t be trying to build one.

We’ve always been toying with ideas of creating an affordable package for clients to wet their beaks in understanding the benefits of digital marketing – When it’s done right. Many local businesses are jaded after throwing tens of thousands of dollars into Search Engine Optimisation services that don’t work and Search Engine Marketing services that don’t convert. We aim to change that.

Introducing Singapore’s B2B Lead Generation Agency, sme365 is a full-service marketing and sales solution provider that offers effective and sustainable solutions to help companies generate more leads, close more deals and achieve their goals. sme365 provides a wide range of services including Business Consulting, Data Capture, Sales Services & Digital Marketing, with the goal of helping customers achieve tangible results from their marketing investments. Whether you are an SME or MNC, we have the expertise to tailor-make a bespoke lead generation program for every kind of business.

Some of what we’ve delivered so far:

A&I Renovation is a leading full-service F&B renovation contractor in Singapore committed to providing customers with the best possible solutions for their renovation needs, be it a commercial or residential renovation.

The Physics Lab is a leading Physics tuition centre in Singapore offering quality and customised physics tuition to students from Secondary 1 to O-Level, Pre-University, and JC levels.

Otaku Interactive is a WeChat Marketing Agency in Singapore that specializes in helping small businesses with their social media marketing. From creating engaging content to managing your accounts and analyzing the results; we’re here to help you succeed. one-stop resource for all insurance jobs in Singapore gives you a chance to find your dream job, connect with your peers, and stay updated on the latest industry developments and help you leverage your career opportunities in the insurance industry.


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