The importance of having a lead generating website

Generating business leads in Singapore is quite simple, but local business owners are still struck in the good old marketing practices, and do not take their business on the web as importance.

Why is this so?

When the web started back in the 1990s, a lot of business owners in Singapore had their business website up.

It was expensive back then just a simple 5 to 10 web pages only would have cost over SGD$3000. But their websites are not optimized to be found online, thus only through name cards or yellow pages will their customers be able to reach them.

The trend changed when Google came into play.

Google made it easy for searchers to find whatever the searchers want to find online, showing relevant search results and based on the website’s popular voting via linking from other web pages to their web pages, also known as Page Rank.

In recent years, Google realized that local business websites are not that well optimized, so Google helped the searchers and the local business by introducing local business listing into the Google search results. So as long as the local business owners have a website and submit it to Google Local Business listing, it should appear in Google search results.

The hard truth about Google Local Business Listing

This is the part where the advantage and disadvantage of using Google Local Business Listing. The submission of their websites is good ONLY when there are not a lot of competition online and they do not know about the Google Local Business Listing.

BUT, when the competitor’s websites are SEO optimized or even submit to Google Local Business Listing earlier than you.

The only solution here is to SEO your website hoping to have a free space on the 1st page of Google search results. We found out that if your website is SEO optimized, your website will appear on both the local listing and the organic search result!

The Unchanged Business Owners

From the trend that I see now, the local business owners (talking about Singapore) will not take online marketing seriously because most of the sales do not come from their online marketing (due to their website not being optimized).In due time, the local business owners will take note of the online presence importance.

That is where lead generation experts come in. We will help optimize or even partner with the local business owners for the products or services provided. You will be very surprise the numbers that you as business owners are missing out. Contact us using the form if you need to our services.

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