The goal of any business website is to generate more leads for the company.  It’s a very easy concept to understand, but succeeding in generating consistent leads can be tricky to execute.  In some cases, you will find that your efforts that were once generating plenty of leads have begun to grow old and become less effective in attracting prospects.

If you feel like your company has hit a wall in terms of lead generation, check out these ideas for generating more high-quality leads.  With a few simple changes to your web pages and content, you should be able to once again start generating leads.

This checklist should provide you with some helpful tips to get over that wall and get back on track.

  • Marketing and sales alignment and mutual goals on lead definitions, development, qualification, and conversion
  • Research-based assessment of markets and segments
  • Descriptive prospect profile and analysis
  • Specific and tailored target list
  • Differentiated value proposition, customized by segment
  • Outbound and inbound lead paths
  • On-going / real-time prospect and target intelligence
  • Defined and structured process to manage the creation, development, nurturing, scoring, and tracking of leads
  • A clear definition of when to transition leads to sales
  • Technology to enable and accelerate tracking, automate nurturing, and measure the effectiveness
  • People engaging prospects to qualify and support through the selling process
    Reporting and analysis of all program elements / continuous improvement loop
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