We’ve Relaunched Otaku Interactive

Back at the office, we decided we needed a new website to reflect our strength. The last major update was four years ago. The stylised, minimalistic site wasn’t reflective of what we believe. We’re still working hard on adding more valuable content and also better illustrate the business. Do check back often to have a peek inside Otaku Interactive, see what we do and how we operate.

Our Web Site Promotes The 21st Century Otaku (Us); Experienced, Informed, Creative And Obsessively Passionate On All Things Digital. Our Team Has Worked Very Hard On Delivering An Experience That Communicates Who We Are And What We Do, And We Believe Confidently That You Will Get Exactly What You See.

This makeover isn’t necessarily all for you guys, it’s partially for us as well. We want to thank everyone who’s stuck with us throughout the 5 years in business. We are having a ton of fun doing things on this website and we hope you guys are enjoying it as well.

Have a look around, see our portfolio, and let us know how we can help you get your message out!

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