Why Social Media Matters

Any marketing industry individual will tell you that marketers love buzzwords. Whatever the current new trend is, clients hear it and want it. Social Media has been the most famous buzzword but it is important to realise that it is not just a trend.

The start of any good business is a relationship. Whether it is a handshake or a swipe of a credit card, there is a bond of trust that is built between the customer and the business. Until recently, this was looked at as something that most businesses could either take or leave. Let’s face it, there are always new customers and there was a time that if you lost one, another one could easily replace it.

Not so in today’s marketing world. If you make a customer upset or if you just forget about them after the payment has been made, now they have an immediate way to connect with the world and tell them about your business. They also have a way to quickly find another business just like yours that values them as more than just a customer.

Social Media when used correctly can help you not only interact with customers more but get that all-important information and data from them. It is a chance to get almost instant feedback on products and the way that you can better improve them. In the old days, you would have to send out survey flyers or try to round up a test group and in both cases, hope for a turnout. Now, you can easily see what they liked and what they wish that the product had.

If you are a service-based business, keeping a Social Media presence is a must. From providing feedback on workers or the abilities of staff, your customers can help you see where there are problems in your service. Another advantage is that Social Media helps your customers have a forum to discuss what they liked about the business and what they would like to have in the future.

All of this data is more then just facts and figures. It is the building of a relationship with each of your customers. Part of the reason that people like to come back to places or purchase a product is to make them feel respected. By hearing out what your customers have to say and even just being able to be a friendly presence in their internet life, you are able to be more than just another company to them.

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