It’s not about technology, it’s about ideas

Everyday a new business buzzword, a new technology or software product is released. These promise that if you embrace a certain technology, your consumers will be more delighted, or if you install another technology, the costs of running your business will reduce. Often these products do not deliver when it comes to implementation. Organizations are finding that they are uninstalling the technology almost as soon as it has been implemented. What’s missing from these technologies is a
well-thought-out strategy that considers the impact and the opportunities they provide.

Hence, the importance of planning can never be underestimated and that everything is in the final execution. Consumers don’t want to read an instruction manual when they visit a web site. Consumers don’t want to wait for the technology to meet their expectations. Often the User Experience becomes more, not less complicated as new technologies are introduced. It is the innovative application and execution of a new technology that ensures success and customer indispensability, not the technology itself.

Companies that try to do business the way it’s been done in the past won’t be as responsive or as efficient as those who use technology to embrace new approaches and create new ideas. The challenge for many businesses is to introduce completely digital end-to-end solutions that remove the need for any manual process. The Internet is set to become the backbone of industry and the only way to take advantage of it is to form new ideas, processes and applications that never existed before.

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