Thinking outside the box for website content

If you are like most people; when thinking of ideas for website content you go back to articles and written content. While one of the most important aspects of having great content is great and unique writing, there is a lot of content that many people overlook that is a part of the total marketing package.

When you think of any business, what is the first thing that you think of? More than likely, what you attach to the business is its products and services. One of the latest ways that smaller businesses are connecting and also using their website’s content is by focusing their content on their products or services.

While of course, the pages will feature the products or services, they can be used for marketing purposes other than a feature. For example, in the case of a local brewery, there might be a feature on the brewing process. Or possibly for a coffeehouse or cafe, perhaps a leader in content featuring latte foam art.

Another unusual but effective possible content for business is the customers themselves. For a service-based business, this can come from testimonials including before and after dynamics. For a product-based, it can also show the customers using the product themselves in their daily lives. Involving the customers also helps create brand loyalty as your future customers can see that you are dedicated to serving your customer base.

One of the most basic contents that are often overlooked is the workers or designers from the business. By telling the story of what inspired them to create a project, develop a unique vision for their service, or why they love providing whatever business that they do, it helps personalize the experience for the customer by putting a face on the business.

Content should always be creative and interesting. It will help with search results and with relevancy but more importantly, it creates a better user experience. Used correctly, the content will help your customers see how you stand out from the competition.

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