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A sprinkle of creativity, a dash of strategy, and a dollop of charm โ€” these are the ingredients for a truly scrumdiddlyumptious digital marketing campaign.


In my world of design, it's not about flaunting my personal style or chasing after some elusive aesthetic perfection. No, it's all about tackling communication puzzles with a creative twist. Growing up in Singapore, I found myself drawn to the intricacies of human perception and psychology, eventually finding my calling in graphic design and branding.

Using graphic design as a form of personal expression can be tricky; it often clashes with the needs of clients, leading to lackluster results. And fixating on achieving aesthetic perfection overlooks the primary goal of effective communication. I've learned to see aesthetic standards from different angles: personal, communal, and global, each with its own pitfalls. Instead, I focus on problem-solving, delving deep into abstract questions to ensure that every design serves a genuine purpose.

Some may question my approach, doubting the importance of digging into the essence of communication. But I firmly believe that true communication arises from a genuine need to convey a message, not from following trends or budgets. Just like Helvetica's enduring popularity lies in its simplicity and versatility, embodying the principle that effective graphic design is about clear communication and problem-solving rather than flashy aesthetics.


American Express. Aon Insurance. Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts. Breast Cancer Foundation. Canopy Student Care. Chung Ting Fai & Co. DHL. Dmind & The Prince. EdeS Spa. Emerson Process. Garmin. Get4x. Hyflux. Keydence Systems. Kreston. Mondecasa. Monopole. MooMoo. National Institute of Education. NinjaVan. Norton. PKF Singapore. Popsical Karaoke. Revolution. Sensient Coesmetic Technologies. Singapore Airlines. Singapore Management University. Swiss Belhotel. Teppei Daidokoro. XMH Holdings. And More...

Salutations! I am Myron, here to serve you with utmost delight.

A freelance digital marketing specialist from Singapore, specializes in crafting enchanting online campaigns that boost revenue and enhance customer experience.

My nocturnal nature finds solace in the digital realm, where I weaves spells of success long into the night. Join me on this enchanting journey toward unprecedented growth and boundless possibilities.

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